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  1. TE 361: The Significance of the Siddhi Day

    Among the devotees and disciples of Sri Aurobindo, 24th November is observed as the Siddhi Day, one of four Darshan days. This brief talk is centred on the significance of the event which took place on 24th November 1926 in Pondicherry. ...


  2. TE 360: Relevance of Arjuna in the Battlefield of Life

    In this English webinar with Auromira centre (London), we look at the relevance of Arjuna and Krishna in the Battlefield of life. ...


  3. TE 359: True Surrender

    In this English webinar with the Bangalore Centre, we see what a true Surrender really is.Some questions asked were:1. The Mother on Rani Lakshmi Bai.2. Can past karma revert back the surrender done.3. How to know if one’s will is aligned with the wish of the ...


  4. TE 358: Sanatana Dharma – An Evolutionary Perspective

    This webinar, conducted for the Sangam Talks platform, reveals some of the unique, wide and progressive aspects of Sanatana Dharma. ...


  5. TE 357: Psychological Well-Being: A Yogic Perspective

    A webinar on the vast subject of psychological well-being with a Yogic Perspective. Some of the asked questions: 1. How to extend the higher consciousness in everyday life. 2. How to differentiate between renunciation and rejection. ...